Hate Your Work and Thinking of Quitting Your Job

In today’s Financially Fabulous Episode, I spoke with my friend Kate, who hosts the YouTube channel, Fun & Fulfilled. It’s an awesome channel which you should totally check out.

We chatted about Quitting Your Job!

The question as to how to quit your job seems to come up very often. So many people I know are unhappy in their job situation, whether it is a boss they don’t get along with or just the kind of work they are doing. Many have considered going out on their own as opposed to working for yet another boss.

The questions are – how to go about this change? What are the real considerations that should be kept in mind when thinking of quitting your job for an independent entrepreneurial lifestyle? Is it enough to have big dreams and a job that you hate?

My recommendations are:

  • Channel your negative energy which you might have from your current job into positive working energy
  • Discover what your passions are and work towards developing those passions into alternative streams of income. It is important to do this while you are still employed.
  • Do lots of research connected with your new possibilities.
  • Sign up for courses and continue to learn about your prospective new field of work.
  • Make sure you have put funds away into your savings so that you have enough money to see you through for at least 6 months while you start your new venture. If you don’t already have this back-up, start working on it.
  • Take stock and calculate how much your life expenses are and what your monthly costs are.
  • Make the time to work on your new venture. If necessary, you can find a part time job which would see you through, so that you have the time to get your new plans in action.

As a motivator, write a resignation letter and post it up in your home. This will encourage you to leave a job which makes you unhappy and move you to action to find your new place of earnings where you will be excited to start work every morning.

It takes a great deal of work to start a new venture but if you are passionate about what you do, you’ll enjoy the process!

Posted on December 7, 2016