How To Curb Spending Indulgence

Should you be spending money on treating yourself?

I’m going to venture to say that as you have chosen to read this article, it is quite likely that you do spend money on treating yourself and possibly a little too much!

We all want to live fabulous lives, and of course that includes me; but when we are evaluating the state of our finances, it’s not really the best idea to indulge in too many different areas of your life. If you spend money without consideration wherever you feel like it, your bank account is going to be pretty empty, even possibly in a negative state (in debt).

When you think about indulging, take the time to consider for what purpose you’re doing it. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a milestone or buying that item you really have been wanting but let’s not treat ourselves in every single area of our lives all at once. We should be thinking about what area of our lives is really important to us that we really would like to reserve funds to be able to treat ourselves.

Although it is important to be conservative with your spending habits, we still have to lead fulfilling lives and sometimes the specific luxuries or treats that we choose to enjoy is good thing for our self-esteem and just to make us feel good. You should be happy with your choices. This is your money and you can decide where to enjoy it.

I choose to treat myself by going to the spa, having my nails done, shoe shopping and travelling for pleasure. These are my choices. These are the things that are important to me. I also made the choice not to spend money on going to a fancy gym (the one in my building does just fine), going to restaurants too often and I don’t own a car. I pick and choose where my money is going and spend money on areas that actually matter most to me.

Don’t apologize about your decisions to treat yourself wherever it is important to you, but make sure that you’re focusing on a few specific areas and not indulging wherever you fancy. Indulging on everything just leads to overspending.

We would all like to be Financially Fabulous and feel great about our finances and sleep well at night knowing that our expenses are all within our means. That does include the occasional indulgence…worry free!

Posted on February 1, 2017