The Most Important Financial Experts You Need

To make sure that your finances are well looked after and you don’t make mistakes that you will regret later, it is advisable to get assistance from experts in the field.

Don’t think that you need to specialize and manage it all yourself. I sat down with personal finance blogger, Janine Rogan from to discuss the topic

Here are three people you should have in your financial corner:

1.Financial Advisor

A good Financial advisor will help you build a budget, advise you on investment options, build a retirement plan and basically take a holistic approach in building a portfolio that best suits your needs. They often have lots of great tools that make planning simple and easy. It is very important to use a financial advisor who has your best interests at heart. Make sure that you are using a fee based only financial advisor who is monetarily incentivized to sell you certain products.

2. Accountant

Many people have the wrong impression that an accountant is just someone who crunches numbers. This is not the case. In fact a good accountant will give you great advice on many aspects of your finances. If you have a business, they can advise you on how to scale your business, how to reduce operating costs and of course process your taxes amongst other things.

The question often comes up as to whether you should do your own taxes or use an accountant. The answer depends on the complexity of your finances. If you are a single person and your finances are pretty straight forward, like just having a job and some contributions to your retirement fund, then you should be able to do your taxes quite easily on your own. You could use tax programs, plug in a few numbers and your returns will be calculated very quickly.

However, if your financial situation is more complex and you are self-employed, have a side hustle or own investment property, it is advisable to work with an accountant. This way you will be sure to follow all the rules take advantage of tax rules that you may be less familiar with.

3. Insurance Broker

Life is unpredictable and much as we like to see the rosy side of the picture, sometimes things can and will go wrong. For this reason, we need to be backed up with support from our insurance broker. Different brokers have different specialty areas they focus on.

The main types of insurance to consider are:

Living Benefits Insurance – if one has to take a disability leave, spend time in hospital or any other circumstance that unexpectedly takes you away from your workplace and income, one has to be prepared for this.

Home Insurance – In case of fire, flood or even burglary you want to be protected and home insurance is a great solution. If you own your home, you will insure the whole property and it your belongings, however if you are renting you’ll want to have contents insurance.

Mortgage Insurance – If you should suddenly not be able to pay the mortgage, this insurance could be very helpful. Just be aware that this insurance can be more expensive if you get it through your bank and most often as the size of your mortgage decreases, these payments do not.

Life Insurance – While sometimes we feel invincible, we need to consider what would happen to the people we care for and depend on us, if we were to unexpectedly pass. That’s why it’s a good to sign up for life insurance long before you think you’ll need it.

Auto Insurance –In order to protect your finances so that you are not suddenly out of pocket after a car accident and having costly repairs or needing to purchase a new car, auto insurance is vital. In fact you cannot renew your driver’s license without having this insurance.

Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades! When it comes to your finances, make sure all your bases are covered by having these three financial professionals in your corner.

Keep in mind that you have to be comfortable with your choice of professional. Don’t just use any person that has been recommended to you. That person might be perfect for someone else but not necessarily for you. Make sure to interview candidates who you’ll depend on to help you make great financial decisions.

Posted on July 5, 2017