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A young gal who's figured out how money works without all the jargon... on a quest to show you that money doesn't have to be complicated and you too can lead a Financially Fabulous™ Life!

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Money Questions

  • maxed
    Alice from Toronto Asked:

    What should I do with my savings if I have maxed my RRSP and TFSA?

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  • credit score
    Shannon from Peterborough Asked:

    I’m trying to raise my credit score, is getting a loan for an RRSP (retirement contribution) a good idea?

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  • Tina from Sudbury Asked:

    I have over $50,000 in credit card debt, no assets and am considering filing for bankruptcy, what should I take into consideration when making this decision?

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  • Amber from Montreal Asked:

    How can I budget and save without a secure income?

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  • Financial gift
    Naomi from Calgary Asked:

    If I get a significant financial gift from a family member, do I have to pay income tax on it?

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  • Natalie from Ottawa Asked:

    What is the best strategy for negotiating the price of a home in a seller’s market?

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  • partner
    Katie from Brampton Asked:

    How do I start to talk about finances with the new partner I’m dating?

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  • Suzanne from Toronto Asked:

    How do I choose a financial planner who is reputable and has my best interests at heart? Fee based or commission?

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  • disability insurance
    Hanna from Edmonton Asked:

    What is the difference between disability insurance and critical illness insurance? Which one is right for me?

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  • contract position
    Carol from Guelph Asked:

    What are the benefits of a contract position vs. being a full time employee?

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  • Melissa from North York Asked:

    How does a buyer representation agreement work? Do I have to sign one?

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  • car rental insurance
    Rachel from Toronto Asked:

    Do I need car rental insurance if I have my own car insurance?

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