I’m showing you a new way to approach building wealth in a more passive way 

After working through countless real estate investment strategies, I’ve discovered a unique path that eliminates the headaches of investing and the risks: passive real estate investing. 


If you’re investing your hard-earned money, you want to see an impressive ROI. Passive real estate investing makes your money work hard FOR you!

Strong Return Of Investment (ROI)

High Degrees Of Security

When it comes to real estate investments, there is a ton of risk involved. The beauty of passive real estate investing when done right is that the risk is low and security is high.


Dependable Monthly Cash Flow

Dealing with rental units, the turnover of tenants, and unexpected maintenance costs often leaves a gap in monthly cash flow. Passive real estate investing allows you to secure and sustain monthly income.

Win Back Your Time Back

By investing passively, you take back your most valuable asset: your time! Now, you’ll get to spend it with the people and things who matter most to you.

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Private Lending

Tap into the role of a bank and learn how to control a property, not own it.

Rent To Own

Approach rental units with finesse as the responsibilities of being a landlord fall on the tenant.

signature strategies:

“For the first time in my life I feel like I’m making financial planning decisions that will help me retire early. I used to give my money to financial planners with the hopes that my money would go to work for me and it never did. With Limor’s strategies, my first private lend has matured with an amazing 11% ROI!”

Derek R.


“Limor is the key! She unlocked everything in me that was stuck in order to start my real estate venture. She is not only a breath of fresh air to work with but her knowledge and depth in the private lending world is outstanding. I’m ecstatic to be earning 11% ROI on my investments.”

Donna L.

“We have done so much with real estate investing, but the returns were very small. Then we learned about Limor and her program on private lending, which would allow us to retire early. Our first investment is earning us 15% ROI. We definitely recommend learning from Limor!”

Ricardo & Angela L.

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