Private Lending Investing 

Ever wonder if it’s possible to combine real estate backed investments without the worries of being a landlord, while still earning high returns? With Private Lending, you’ll get the best of all worlds and learn how to control property (not actually own it). That way you can reap the benefits of investing without all of the responsibilities of property management. This highly secured strategy minimizes risk while maximizing double digit returns. 

Private lending is the best kept secret of the wealthy and how they keep getting richer. It is also how the banks keep turning massive profits year over year. It’s time you learned how to do it too and change the trajectory of your financial future!


Private Lending is a specific form of investing where you, the lender, are registered on title and control a paper asset. Just like when someone gets a mortgage from a bank, the bank does not own the property—they control it. If payments are not made, the bank has the right to take over the property and sell it. As a private lender you have the same rights and privileges. The duties of owning a property (finding tenants, collecting rent, paying for all maintenance costs, & more) are no longer your responsibility. 

Controlling The Property, Not Owning It

The Art & Science Of Controlling Your Risk

As a private lender, you have complete control of how much risk you take on. Since no two deals are alike, it’s important that you elegantly explore and weigh all the factors of a potential deal. To name a few: the position you are registered in, the loan to value, location, property type, borrower, interest rate, and terms. Never take anyone’s word that a deal is good. You have to know exactly why it’s a good deal for you and keep negotiating till you’re happy! On top of all these factors, it’s important to have a deep understanding of how to get your money back if the deal defaults (you’ll learn more about this when you work with me!).


Ensuring Your Investments Are Safe & Secure

You’ve worked hard for your money and while you want strong returns, it’s normal to want and expect a high degree of security. Did you know that mortgages in Canada only have a default rate of less than 1%? While the odds are in your favor that your private mortgage deal won’t go sideways, you have to plan for a worst case scenario before a lending deal starts. That means properly evaluating a deal with your eyes wide open, ensuring you have plenty of equity in the deal behind you, and using the best contracts, understanding the power of sale & foreclosure processes. Once you really know how long the procedure is, you may think twice about your investing location. 

Put Your Registered Funds To Use (And Skip The Tax Bill!)

In Canada, you have the opportunity to take advantage and use a variety of registered funds each with distinct tax sheltering advantages. From RRSPs, TFSA, & RESPs, private lending is the only real estate investing strategy that allows you to combine the benefits of any registered account with real estate. When your money can grow without you needing to pay tax along the way, you’ll be amazed at how much faster your money compounds. Watch the video below to see the numbers in action!

The Best Kept Secret Wealth Building Strategy 


Advantages of Private Lending:

It’s the most secure and predictable investment (typical returns of 9-15% per year)

You can start with as little as $50,000 for your first investment

You can invest cash, registered funds or even money from your HELOC

You determine how much risk you’re willing to take on in any given deal

You don’t pay commissions or fees (the borrower is responsible for all costs on a deal)

You’re protected from real estate fluctuations (borrowers don’t sell their properties when they go up or down a few thousand dollars) 

You’re not the landlord and don’t have to deal with the biggest issues that most real estate investors have to! 

By becoming a private lender, you are essentially replicating and implementing the bank's most profitable strategy. You hear about it everyday! On TV, radio, and when you go into a branch. They just call it something else: a mortgage! 

 The numbers don’t lie. Here’s the real way to retire early!


1:1 Private Lending Coaching & Mentoring

Hands-on, first class support for the high-networth investor to introduce you to the world of private lending and how to execute your first investment with ease and peace of mind. 

The Bank Boss™ Self Guided Private Lending Course

Get into private lending on your own time and start with anywhere from $50,000 - $200,000 with the right tools to do it without trial and error or DIYing it.


I’m always in your corner and my main goal is to properly teach you strategies that you put in motion. While I’m not a mortgage broker, I do everything in my power to make sure my 1:1 clients are 100% supported and leverage my connections to make it happen. That means bridging the gap to access amazing deals to facilitate your success when you work directly with me. Want this support too?

As your financial coach...

 “Limor’s course was fun, very informative and inspired me to feel like I could do it. I achieved a 10% return on my first deal and now in my second deal I’m earning 12%. I was pleasantly surprised that I found a deal so quickly and I got my money working for me shortly after going through the course. In my first deal I earned 3 times what I paid for the course. What a great investment!”

- Sandra B.

“For many years I wanted to expand my investments to include real estate but didn’t because I thought private lending was too risky. Thanks to Limor’s strategy and expertise, I was able to get into my first private lending deal, with a great rate of return of more than 10%, for my RRSP portfolio.”

- Nathan G.

“Working with Limor allowed me to have a framework when evaluating a private lending opportunity. This was important to me because I needed a system to determine if I should pursue a deal or not. More importantly, it provided me with the confidence to a certain ‘where to’ search for private lending opportunities and the type of deals that suit my lending and risk criteria. Within 2 weeks of completing Limor’s course I successfully funded my first private loan.”

- Francis R.


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