Is there more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and working more hours?

That’s the question I asked myself after 12 years in the banking industry. I wanted to achieve financial freedom and retire early. So I did.

I quickly became an accomplished Real Estate Investor and after working through every investing strategy you can think of, I unlocked the key to generating ultimate freedom (financial, emotional, geographical, and time): passive real estate investing. 


As a self-made millionaire in my early 30’s (with plenty of help from fantastic mentors along the way), I’ve done it all. From Rent To Owns, Hard Money Lending, Wholesale, Private Mortgages, Buy and Hold, AirBNB, Pre-foreclosure, as well as Fix and Flip. I’ve even had the privilege of teaching real estate investing across Canada for five years for one of the largest real estate brands. 

I soon realized that I wanted something more than just collecting properties and spending my time doing things I didn’t love. So I uncovered strategies that I not only love, but give me the life I want without the added stress of being a landlord.  

Through my unique approach to passive real estate investing, I have taught students how to achieve financial freedom and retire early with an unprecedented 100% success rate of getting into deals. 

Known as the Private Lending Queen of Canada, I transform the way you build wealth through Rent To Own and Private Lending strategies.


Honesty, integrity, karma, rising above the status quo, the power of having mentors, and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals. 


Get rich quick schemes, sleazy tactics, cutting corners, and putting profits before people.


Guest speaking, on coaching calls with amazing clients, & on YouTube!

daily rituals

Reading, chilling in the hot tub, stretching on my yoga mat, smushing the puppy, writing in my journal, and connecting with family & friends.

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Limor has been a board member of the Canadian Association of Rent To Own Professionals since Nov 2019. The Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals is the collective voice of rent-to-own professionals across Canada who operate ethically and strive to create successful outcomes for their clients, their investors, and their programs. CAROP’s mission is to educate and monitor it’s members in order to achieve successful outcomes between Rent to Own Professionals, clients and investors.

Limor was the host of the National TV show, The Fortunate Future which aired in 2018. On the show Limor interviewed experts on Crytpocurrency, Real Estate Investing and Personal Finance.





Money Heist & Queen of The South

My mushroom-infused hot chocolate or Mocha 

Hanging at our Fairy Tale Cottage / AirBNB or the beach

After visiting 40 countries, my top cities are Prague, Paris, & Punta Cana

Some Of My Favorites


“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t either way you are right” - Henry Ford

“Limor is a dynamic, smart, and caring soul. She is dedicated to her own personal success and building wealth. As well as, bringing as many people along the path as possible. If you have not reached out to her, or heard her speak on real estate, success or wealth, YOU MUST! You will profit, personally and professionally. Never mind increasing your cash flow and wealth. She is a Rock Star!”

- Sandra B.

“It’s been a few months since working with Limor and after finishing her courses, I can happily say that I am financially free. I don’t have to worry about my future savings, all that is taken care of, even my monthly expenses. It’s all because of Limor and her wealth generation strategies. If there’s anyone who is on the fence about working with Limor, they need to 100% jump on board!”

- Keguyen L.

“My financial hardships create this inability to see money in a positive light, feeling heavy with no end in sight. Limor brings a new, fun vibration to a topic that can be very overwhelming to many people. Her approach to money is something that dreams are made of! Limor provides her clients with seamless tools, tangible next steps and the right level of excitement/encouragement to help you achieve the next step in your wealth journey. Limor is able to take her years of experience, high-level thinking and in-depth knowledge of money and explain, guide & create financial freedom. Study Limor’s work like your financial freedom depends on it! Because it does!”

- Suzanne R.


Financial freedom is only a few steps away. Let’s get your hard-earned money working even harder for you without the added stress and risk!

Ready to live your best life?