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I’m on a mission to help people achieve financial freedom the secure way so they can live a life they only imagined is possible. Working with media outlets, brands and speaking on stages (including virtual stages) is just a few of the ways that we can work together to spread the message. 

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With 10 years in the real estate investing world, I’ve discovered many unique and unconventional approaches to building wealth, and I’m happy to share that with your audience!

Are you a journalist, media company, or a content creator looking for some fresh insights on Real Estate and Wealth? Well look no further!

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From keynote talks to presentations, I cover a wide range of topics such as: money, real estate, optimizing your lifestyle & financial freedom. Would you like me to speak at your next event?


Previous guest on various radio/ tv interviews such as: BNN, Global and many more. If you’re looking for a comment, quote, or fresh opinion on Real Estate and Financial Freedom, reach out here.


Is there an alignment with my values and yours? If so, let’s discuss how I can feature your products to share with the financial world! I've partnered with brands such as PC Financial, HomEquity Bank & Endy.


I’m Limor—Your Financial Freedom Coach

As a Real Estate Investor & Money Expert, my mission is to give you the keys to unlock financial freedom in a unique way that mitigates risk and brings you strong returns. Through passive real estate investing, you’ll be able to retire early and live your best life!

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Other Potential Topics:

Women Supporting women 

A little girl power goes a long way especially in male dominated industries.  Let's build each other up!


After a decade in the corporate world, I took the leap to being my own boss and it was the best decision.  Let's discuss the transition!

Health & BioHacking

While I'm know for my financial know-how, I lead a life of health and vitality life first. Let's all focus on youth and optimal health! 

Women Supporting women 

“Limor is an asset to every room! She is a very professional, personable &
knowledgeable speaker, with the ability to captivate any room.
She has spoken multiple times to our community about a variety of topics including real estate, technology, business & motivation. Limor has added a lot of value to every event she has been a part of and effectively educated audience members leaving them feeling empowered. All attendees found her information beneficial and we would love to have her back again in the future!”

- Vanessa Ortali

Founder, The Ladies CommunitY

"I had the pleasure of hearing Limor speak at an investor event we held in Ottawa. Limor brings so much passion and energy into the room when she speaks and delivers a clear concise message that you can understand. Limor speaks of money and building wealth with true honesty in a way that you can relate to. I would definitely bring Limor back for future events."

Sue Hameed


"I can't say enough about how great it was having Limor speak at our Real Estate Investing event in Kingston. We're an intimate group of
like-minded investors and Limor fit right as part of the family. She has an incredible breadth of knowledge in real estate investing and that came through in spades. Limor was informative and passionate about helping people grow their wealth. Next time she is "on stage" it's worth making a point of attending and enjoying the experience."

Ray Gauthier, CEO

“I just have to say how blown away I was by Limor’s presentation at our recent virtual meet up. Limor is clearly a very experienced public speaker and I was so impressed by her ability to juggle your presentation while answering rapid-fire questions from our community of 100 people on zoom, all with style & grace! The feedback we've gotten from our members about the event has been phenomenal as well. Limor was a star for everyone!"

Megan Evans

Mortgage Broker
and Event Organizer

Property Sense InC.& co-chair Kingston ReaL ESTATE INVESTORS

REInvestors Ltd Event Organizer

If you believe that your values align with mine, and are looking for a fresh opinion on: money, wealth, real estate, investing, financial freedom, or self improvement, then send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! :)

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