Employer Matching Program

Taking advantage of an employer matching program is like getting free money!

Free money is sometimes attainable if you know where to look. I’m baffled at the number of people who do not take advantage of an employer matching program, which can be considered free money.

Many companies both large and small can have employer matching programs. If the company you work for has an employer matching program and you enrol, then your employer will match your contributions. Since they match your contribution it is as though you are getting 100% return on your investment and can be thought of as free money! You’ll then be able to give direction as to where the funds will be invested.

Check out today’s LimorTV episode for a more detailed explanation of how an employer matching program works and what could possibly trip you up!

Each employer matching program is unique and while some encourage you to save for retirement, others can serve as an incentive to increase your wealth by matching purchases of your company’s stock.

I’ve heard all kinds of excuses from people as to why they haven’t taken advantage of such programs. Usually they range from, “it is too complicated to understand” all the way to “I’m too lazy” .

Excuses are excuses! I don’t know about you, but I think it is worth figuring out how a matching program works, especially if it gives me free money or 100% return on investment.

Taking advantage of your company’s generous offer, is a great way to speed up wealth accumulation for your future!

Posted on March 30, 2016