How to Have an Extra $100!

Life has so many competing financial requirements and many of us could benefit from a little extra money. Whether you have an extra $100 a month or $100 a week, it can make a really big difference to your finances and to your lifestyle. My good friend and money expert Whitney Hansen of and […]






creating cashflow

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Should you be spending money on treating yourself? I’m going to venture to say that as you have chosen to read this article, it is quite likely that you do spend money on treating yourself and possibly a little too much! We all want to live fabulous lives, and of course that includes me; but […]

How To Curb Spending Indulgence

Spending Plan

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Do you know your net worth? Net worth is probably one of the simplest ways to have an overall snapshot of how you are doing financially. It takes into consideration your assets (everything you have and own) and all your liabilities (everything that you owe) and it’s all tied together in one number… Ta Da! […]

Net Worth – One Financial Number You Should Know

Money Misc

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Tax Free Saving Account: TFSA contribution room should be maximized by all. The relatively new TFSA is an account that encourages saving and has tax benefits as well as a designated TFSA contribution room. Any tool that allows for you to keep more money in your own pocket is a good tool! Every year you […]

TFSA Contribution Room You Should Take Advantage Of


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